Picture of Pesto Egg Crepe
Green breakfast!
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Step 1: Slice tomato

Picture of Slice tomato
Find a gorgeous heirloom tomato at your local farmers' market. Cut it into nice big thick slices. Thinly slice a purple onion as well.

Step 2: Cook egg crepe

Picture of Cook egg crepe
Spray canola oil onto your frying pan. Turn on the burner, but don't wait for the pan to warm up. Immediately dump in egg whites (or beaten eggs if you prefer) then add a scoop of pesto and stir in before the eggs begin to set.

Flip your green egg crepe to lightly cook the other side.

Step 3: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Dump the crepe onto a plate. Add tomato slices, purple onion slices, and more dollops of pesto as you like. Fold over, taco-style, and use leftover ingredients to make an attractive yuppie garnish.

ryano8 years ago
Isn't this an omelette rather than a crepe?
sht_dave ryano8 years ago
Yes it is an omelette (folded egg with garnishments), to make crepes you need to have eggs, milk and flour. I have a most excellent recipe if anyone's interested.
canida (author)  sht_dave6 years ago
Yes, please share!
sht_dave canida6 years ago
one cup milk two-three eggs 2/3 cup of whole wheat flower Use a blender; first pour in the milk then add the egg. Start the blender and add the flour while it's running....continue blending for about 1 minute......
cook over a medium heat in a little butter.......They should cook real fast.
canida (author)  ryano8 years ago
I cooked the egg whites in crepe-fashion, making a thin relatively dry egg-based pancake to wrap the rest of the ingredients after cooking. While it's a matter of interpretation, to me an omelette is a more decadent concoction involving (at least some) whole eggs, with the filling and cheese cooked into the soft center of the folded eggs. Mmmm, omelettes.
I'd be careful adding the pesto so early. basil gets bitter when it's' cooked too long. looks good though. I want it to have sliced bella caps.
canida (author)  I Am An Evil Taco6 years ago
It's a tiny thin little crepe, and cooks almost instantaneously, so the basil doesn't have time to become bitter. You're a huge fan of sliced portabellas, I see! I've not tried them in this dish, but I made it with sauteed chantarelles, which turns out beautifully.
ooooooooo that works too! I love bellas. As an ex vegetarian I find they add that umami element that many vegetarian dishes lack. Plus, pesto and mushrooms? Mushrooms are a sponge, and bellas in particular love to soak up basil and garlic flavors. The chantarelles is a brilliant touch as well, not something I would have thought of. I probably would have gone shiitake instead of bella, for a different mushroom. I can only imagine how great this recipe would be over some fried shredded hash browns. I'm making this ASAP.
Heirloom tomatoes kick ass! Have you ever tried the Brandywine variety?
canida (author)  incorrigible packrat6 years ago
Mmmm, Brandywines are good. I usually find the dark purplish heirlooms to be the tastiest.
pierlo7 years ago
ahahah... i cant resist from saying i've never seen pesto used this way... well yeah - i'm an italian cook
Phill8 years ago
Your food pornography skills are amazing! Though, the garnish reminds me of my lactose intolerance a few hours later... Delicious!
mensmaximus8 years ago
Thank you. Hey Ideacity, I don't see ideas like this on your site. An agrabot could make this with a robotic arm and dispense it 24/7 on the Food Lines of your town/world. Only 5% of the human population has empathy say psychiatrists. Robots can provide the other 95%. Bring on the bots!!!
Johntron9 years ago
My keyboard has drool all over it now :(
fangorn819 years ago
That looks freakin' delicious!