Introduction: Pet Ball.

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My Beloved Pet loves to Rip in Pieces all the toys that we bought for her, so I decided to Made some Unbreakable Toy for its pleasure.

After a day It´s ready to test it on the field.
Hope your pet Enjoy it a lot or more than mine.

Step 1: Stuff.

Picture of Stuff.

Inner bike tube.
Rubber solution.
Zip ties.
Deodorant Ball

Step 2: Wraping.

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Cut The inner Bike tube in 1 cms wide stripe, and wrap around the deodorant ball, applying Rubber solution in the process of wrapping.
when you finished Wrap the ball with zip ties and let dry the Rubber solution.
after one or two Days its ready to use. Dont worry..rubber solution dry so fast so it isnt harmfull for your pets, but anyway wash propertly after each use.

Step 3: Go Let It Out.

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go out and have some fun, one little contra is that after each launching your arm gets painfull, but i´m working ina simple launchin system, later you will see.
Hope your pet Enjoy it a lot or more than mine.
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susanrm (author)2011-08-08

What is a deodorant ball? Is it safe if the dog does chew through to the inside?

Mr.Sanchez (author)susanrm2011-08-09

Deodorant roll on ball. Trust me this Kind of Pet Ball is hard to chew throght the Inside, but anyway IOdont let the Ball or any other harmfull Toy to my Pet. I just used it for throwing and have fun, later I keep away any "harmfull" Toy away from her.

susanrm (author)Mr.Sanchez2011-08-09

Oh, I get it now! I was thinking it was some kind of mothball or something. Okay, makes sense.

Mr.Sanchez (author)susanrm2011-08-09

And why the deodorant Roll on Ball...?Well I like to Upcycle stuff...besides it seems better, cheaper and Greener.I almost done the launching system...get tune for this...btw thanks for ur kindly comment.It seems you take care of Pets.

rimar2000 (author)2011-07-31

Good idea!

Mr.Sanchez (author)rimar20002011-07-31

Thnks rimar too simple but it works...!!!
Demasiado Simple pero funciona y de alta durabilidad.

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