If you're into spoiling your pet, or if you just like to peruse the latest trends for you fur children then you have probably noticed pet car seats or booster seats. Now while you could pay 20 bucks and up for one, I have made this one for $10. You can also purchase patterns to make your own at Joanns, but the materials will cost you close to $30. 

For this you simply need a laundry basket, pillow, about a yard and a half of fleece or other material, and a leash.

Step 1: Dog Car Seat

Do your homework first, know the measurements of your dog so that they will have plenty of room to lay down comfortably. While my dog is small, he is long. Also measure the car seat that will most often be used in conjunction with the dog seat to ensure the laundry basket isn't going to be too big. Find a pillow that will fit down into the laundry basket relatively well.

I happened to find when i went to the store that both laundry baskets and pillows were on sale, Kaching! They also had those fleece throw blankets on sale for like $2.88 so altogether I spent like $8.33, though I already had a spare leash at home.

For my car and dog this all worked well, if you have a smaller dog or larger vehicle, you can also use belting material to make straps to attach the pet seat to the car seat allowing the dog to see out the window. For an example of what I'm talking about check here: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51%2B9UVbZsjL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

<p>This is a great idea. We use these straps ($8 or $9) to keep our Fido's safely buckled in. You hook the strap to the seatbelt then attach it to your pet's harness. I have used these for about 15 years, they're great! </p><p><a href="http://snoozerpetproducts.com/product/lookout-replacement-strap-p-128/" rel="nofollow">http://snoozerpetproducts.com/product/lookout-replacement-strap-p-128/</a></p>
<p>Awesome idea......Thank you for sharing I will be making this asap</p>
Thank you SO much for posting this! It is simply genius! I went to at least 5 different pet supply stores and looked online for a seat for my 8 lb. Shih Tzu. She loves to ride in the car but I was really having a hard time finding something suitable (and reasonably priced). After seeing this, I bought a square laundry basket, inexpensive pillow &amp; case, and a dog bed. I already had a leash on-hand. I had to adapt the holes in the back so my car seatbelt would fit through. It works GREAT! She can see and she's safe. Thanks again.
your dog id cute! Love this idea :)

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