Pet Coke Bottle LED Light




Introduction: Pet Coke Bottle LED Light

Waste to best.
If you are environmentally conscious, you will find it aesthetically beautiful also!

Step 1: Parts Required:

Parts required:

1. Empty pet coke bottle (Make a vertical slit to insert the led circuit in the bottle). Mine is half litre one. 
2. Four / 6/8 or ten leds
3. If your country has 220 VAC system, use 224 K, 400 volt rating non-polarised ceramic capacitor. If you are on 110 VAC, use 0.47 uF, 250 volt rated non-polarised ceramic capacitor. 

4. One kilo-Ohm (1K) resistor, rated for ONE WATT OR HIGHER, else it will BURN. Lower wattage cannot withstand AC mains heat. 

5. Wire connector
6. Bulb base
7. wires, cutter, stripper, gorilla glue / strong glue, etc. 

Step 2: Putting It Together

1. The design is fairly simple. See my AC Circuits for schematic as well as end results. 
2. In short, plus of one led is connected to negative of another led - to make one LED pair. 
3. You can connect upto 15 such pairs (so total 30 LEDs) for this one cap - one resistor combination. 
4. If you want to connect more than 30 leds, make parallel assemblies of such 15 pairs - adding a cap-resistor combo, for 15 pairs. 

Step 3: Environmentally Conscious Is Aesthetically Beautiful

Its a "waste to best" gesture. 
If you are environmentally conscious, you will find it aesthetically beautiful!
Hope you will better my efforts!

"May the good belong to all the people in the world.
May the rulers go by the path of justice.
May the best of men and their source always prove to be a blessing.
May all the world rejoice in happiness.
May rain come in time and plentifulness be on Earth.
May this world be free from suffering and the noble ones be free from fears"
---- Vedic blessing

Step 4: Schematic Diagram



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