Picture of Pet Graduation Caps!
My Bostons have been through a couple training courses and I noticed the first time around, that there were only 2 caps for the entire class to share and they were ugly.  No offense, PetsMart.  Hahah.  So, I decided to bring my own for their next graduation, that way I get to keep the caps, they can be used in their photos and they will match their dresses for their big day.  It was a fun project and it worked out really well.

You can make caps or hats like this, with felt, for practically anything.  :) Please post pics if you do!!

Felt (may need to buy some extra sheets for bigger dogs)
-I used stiff glitter felt from Michaels
Hot Glue, Glue Gun
Thin ribbon or a tassel
A Bow, not needed, lol.
Elastic to match your dog's head, I used black.
Cardboard, recycled from something, to support the top of the cap
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Step 1: Sizing

Picture of Sizing
First thing I did - I made a long strip and cut it out from the felt, I took it over to my dog and made a ring out of it.  I held it over the crown of her head to see what size would lay nicely and not feel awkward for her.  Once you have the right ring size, take it back to your table and hot glue it shut.

Check the height.  If the ring is too tall, just trim it down evenly, you don't want a tall cap, you want it to be tall enough to be above the head, but not dorky-tall.

Next, lay your ring down onto the big piece of felt and trace your square.  Cut it out and use it as a template to make one more.  Then, put your flat cardboard support of some type - between the two shapes and hot glue the four edges.  Don't glue the cardboard, it will be ugly.  Now, you should have a flat and sturdy top!

From that point, figure out how long you want your tassel to be and cut it to size, measuring from the middle, top of the cap.  If you're using ribbon for braiding it - make sure you make it a lil longer because the braiding will lessen the length.
dddelwiche2 years ago
Oops. Here are Abbi's pictures related to previous comment.
kristylynn84 (author)  dddelwiche2 years ago
SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL in bluuue! lol :D :D that is so adorable! i bet she was the envy of the classs!! <3
dddelwiche2 years ago
Abbi graduated from Obedience School today and I made this cap for her. Did it in her "school" colors - red, white and blue for Lorenzo's Dog Training. Who are great trainers. We also had doggie friendly cupcakes and Abbi gave a thank you card to her trainer we found on Zazzle. The cap was a breeze to make. The instructions clear and a cute idea. It fit perfectly and she did not shake it off. Instead of elastic I threaded yard to tie and a white button on top of the hat. Thank you.
rrkrose2 years ago
These are so cute and your dogs are even cuter!
They are just the most adorable little guys.
Roxi_B4b33 years ago

thanx for the idea! Buddy's graduation is this coming weekend, and i cannot wait to show off his mortar cap
kristylynn84 (author)  Roxi_B4b33 years ago
he's totally rocking that cap! he knows he earned it!! :D
Sulissa3 years ago
Thank you Kristylynn84! My little Teddy is graduating from puppy kindergarten tomorrow night and he's going to look GREAT in his new graduation cap!! :)
kristylynn84 (author)  Sulissa3 years ago
i bet he was the envy of the class!!! :D , such a perfect cap!
Iggy Wrigley's graduation 2010!!!!!!! Awesome cap :)
kristylynn84 (author)  blackmoon4843 years ago
OMG! :D congrats Iggy!! haha :D looks great, too!!
tchitwood3 years ago
These are the cutest!!! What a great idea :)
wilgubeast3 years ago
That is brilliant. Not just for pets, though. I could have done with these when I finished college. Make two, throw one. :)
sunshiine3 years ago
kristylynn84 (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
<3 :D