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Introduction: Pet Memorial

When your beloved pet dies it is so heartbreaking to get over and when you finally do is a picture in a frame really enough? What do you do with the collar, fur you saved, or tags? This instructable is an idea on how to pay homage to your pet in a small, timeless, tasteful way that will make you feel you have done right by your best friend.

Step 1: Possum Bean

My weiner dog Possum Bean is very much alive but I am using his photo here to demonstrate this Instructable as Rodeo Bean's memorial tin was done a long time ago.

Step 2: What You Will Need:

  • 030 thick plastic sheets found here
  • Photo of your pet
  • Maybe some fur
  • Collar and tags
  • Favorite toy or a biscuit
  • Bits of cremated remains (I hope that is not too terrible to say. I had Rodeo Bean cremated and his remains are in an old tobacco tin now, I used his fur in his memorial-tin but not everyone has their pet's fur)
  • Anchovy or Smoked Oyster can
  • Tin snips
  • Scissors
  • Foam mounting squares (optional, you may use a nail)
  • Pliers

Step 3: Cans, Tins or Tincans

I used an anchovy tin for Rodeo Bean because it has a little ridge around the tin after you remove the lid. The plastic that keeps everything inside the tin can is able to pressure-fit to snap into the rim.

A smoked oyster tin is another type of tincan to use as there is a little ridge and lip that is left over after removing the top of the can. Little tabs can be cut into the rim to hold the plastic in place.

There must be many cans that have the little lip so go to the grocery store and just look for them in the sardine, anchovy and smoked kipper section.

Step 4: Trace Around Your Tincan Onto the Plastic

Trace around your tincan on the plastic with a pen or sharpie, you are going to trim anyway so the ink marks won't show up.

Step 5: Cut Out the Plastic Frame

This wonderful heavy plastic is fairly easy to cut with good scissors, but you will for sure measure it too large and so there will be lots of trimming to do.

I have taken the protective film off both sides in the rest of the steps but you should wait until you are done as it is as clear as glass and can get just as many finger prints as glass will. Easy enough to clean by rubbing on your shirt though.

Step 6: Lay the Plastic Frame on Your Photo to Trace Around It

Pick a photo large enough so that your pet's head it at the top, you may want to add things to the tin can that your pet owned that will settle on the bottom.

The biscuit I put in Possum's tin stays where it is with a foam mounting square.

Step 7: Notch Some Tabs Into Your Tincan

You will want to fit your plastic with the tabs in the "up" position, you will be able to bend them down with your fingers when you are done.

Step 8: Trim Photo Some More to Fit and Bend Your Tabs Up

Just like with the plastic frame, you will need to trim your pet's photo a few times also to get it to fit. If you trim it too small just use a foam mounting square to keep it in place, otherwise it will just stay where you put it by friction.

Step 9: Put Some Goodies Inside and Trim Plastic (again) to Fit

Step 10: Put a Mounting Tab on the Back

I like the repositionable Scotch foam mounting pads for Possum's can but for Rodeo's I have it hanging on a nail on the wall that is hidden by the collar going around the can.

Step 11: Done

I put Possum Bean's collar and tag from when he was small(er), and half of a biscuit, then I put another collar around the side, it looks more finished that way.

Putting your pet's name on the memorial-tin is your choice, I used one of those label makers, it made it look somewhat retro.

I hope this Instructable helps you in some way with your loss.



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What a nice idea. My late cats got a memorial butterfly garden with birdbath when Bertie died. I had been carrying Agatha's ashes around for 7 years, not sure what to do with them. When I finally make the mosaic marker stone to go in the center, I'll mix the rest of their ashes in the concrete.
In our family we also use "Bean" as an affectionate suffix. It started when my son was a preschooler. You are the first other person I have noticed doing the same thing.

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

what a lovely rmemeberance box you have made, love it.
I have made something just more sizes one for my dead partner, and it have helped me a lot.
I couldn't mourn at all, and because of all the things which was happening before and after i couldn't speak of it, so i knew i must do something to feel myself more freely agian.
and taking some time to work on my closet helps me alot.
have done this too for my fave cat later on, it was my partners cat soo she was very dear to me;-D
you've made an great tute, awesome.
it will help others too!!!
thank you for all your work and your sharing!!!
like the recycling idea as well!!;-D

You're very welcome, hope to see more of your work and ideas soon;-D

This is such a great way to commemorate the loss (and remembrance) of a great pet, thanks for posting it.

I think you have a product there, kiddo.