Picture of Pet Outfit Pattern With AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro
This is my cat, Padme, in a store-bought costume she didn't especially appreciate. 
I dress my cat up very frequently. She looks adorable. 
She looks super adorable.
Super duper adorable.

Unfortunately, pet costumes are a bit pricey and often are not the most comfortable design for your pet, so I've provided the general cut and measurements using AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro to make your own outfit for your furry friend.


* I sheet of cloth - for this size outfit, 17 inches by 10 inches
* ribbon, tulle, etc. for decoration
* thread and needle OR sewing machine
* a cooperative pet

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Step 1: Cut the Base out of One Piece of Cloth.

Picture of Cut the Base out of One Piece of Cloth.
I've kept it simple. Yes, your pet will look adorable, but, no, she/he won't want to keep the outfit on for very long, so I didn't want the project to be too time consuming.

You can cut your base out of one piece of cloth. The two inch "skirt" at the bottom can be left out if you're dressing up a guy.

Make sure you leave those "arm holes" big! The roomier they are, the easier it will be to get your pet's paw through. This is the main problem with most store-bought outfits.

These measurements are for a 10 pound animal. If your pet is smaller or bigger, adjust accordingly. 

Step 2: Add Velcro and Decorations.

Picture of Add Velcro and Decorations.
Sew the sticky velcro on the top of the dress on one side and the non-sticky velcro on the bottom of the dress on the other side.

Regardless of your pet's gender, the outfit will look best with a thick ribbon sewn across the bottom (above the skirt).
If your outfit has a skirt, sew some tulle, ribbon, etc. onto the edge to make the skirt look fuller and fancier.

I came here for the cat

craftpro2 years ago
Oh its sooooo cute!!!
ChrysN2 years ago
How sweet!
Haha, aww jeez! What a cute little lady. :D

I've found that if I ever have to put anything on my cats I do it when they're just woken up. Normally they are too tired to worry about it. :P
rachellehcar (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
haha - thank you! Padme usually gets very, very distracted by food.