Introduction: Pet Rock Habitat Bowl

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This instructable will teach you how to make the perfect habitat bowl for your pet rock, if you don't have the supplies to make a home out of a box for your beloved rocky companion.

Step 1: Supplies.

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For this habitat bowl, you'll need some decorative rocks ( please do not go to all the trouble of buying crazy expensive imported decorative rocks, it might upset your rock friend because you spent so much money on them!) some lovely decor (Like the beach crayon coloring I made for him) a rock birth certificate and maybe some books to keep your pet rock entertained while you're gone.

Step 2: Adding Items.

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First add the rocks into your bowl, then put things like the art and the books in. Then if you've made paper food for your rock, go ahead and put some in so your pet rock can have a snack.

Step 3: Placing Your Rock.

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Then gently place your pet rock into the habitat and see how he/she likes it!

I hope you are satisfied with your pet rock habitat!


Banana156 (author)2016-01-14

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