Introduction: Pet-Shield

Do you want your annoying pets to stay away from your room at night?

Step 1: Materials

All you need is one of those staple-taker-outers that look like mouths, some fishing string/wire, 2 rubber bands, some kind of inch-long half-centimeter-wide tube, and some duct tape.

Step 2: Assembly 1

Wrap 1 rubber band around the staple-taker-outer loosely so that it isn't stuck shut. You need to be able to move it easily. It needs to want to shut though.

Step 3: Assembly 2

Now tape the staple-taker-outer sideways to the wall a few inches off the ground.

Step 4: Assembly 3

Now tie the rubber band around the tube as shown in the picture below.

Step 5: Assembly 4

Now put the tube in the teeth of the staple-taker-outer. Not all the way in, but just so the teeth are holding it. You should easily be able to pull it out.

Step 6: Assembly 5

Now tie the fishing wire to the rubber band tightly. Don't cut the fishing wire yet.

Step 7: Assembly 6

Now tape the other end of the fishing wire to the other side of the doorway. Cut the fishing wire. You should have what looks like a trip wire across the doorway. When your cat/dog tries to walk into your room, they will trip on the wire, sending the tube out of the staple-taker-outer's mouth. The tube will gently strike your pet's side. Your pet will be stunned and run out of your room. If the tube doesn't launch out of the staple-taker-outer's mouth, tighten your fishing wire, and try it again.



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    And then I'd have to get up to set the trap again! Isnt there the risk of the tube poking out the eye of the dog?

    no, maybe hitting it and making it sore, but i really don't see how it could even grip onto their eyes to take them out. good thing i used a thumbtack. *_*

    use a chew toy or something soft

    this is a single-shot thing, so when the pet will try to come in again, nothing would stop it

    Very nice. Does it catch Santa too?

    Wouldn't a really smart person just shut their bedroom door? Okay, nothing creative in that I suppose, but sheesh, this is not very effective, and smart pets will jump over it, or just come running to you even faster because they're scared since they got hit with something in the dark. *duh*

    Well some people are closterfobic, so the door being closed would make them uncomfortable. I have a baby gate on on side of my door way and it has swinging spring hinges. Drill into the baby gate and the door frame. instant open when you walk out of your room, but only swings that way. Good try though.

    yeah my dog would kinda walk over it

    Does The Tube Actually Fly Out?
    And Pets Are Pretty Smart, Smart Enough To Know To Walk Over The Wire

    that is why u use fishing wire. It's hard to see in the dark