Pet Igloo





Introduction: Pet Igloo

This instructable describes how to transform a waste (old) cold and hot drinking water machine into a small, air-conditioned room.

  • You need to prepare :
  1. A cold and hot drinking water machine and be sure its cooling function still works;
  2. A cooling group of CPU;
  3. A cold heat exchanger;
  4. A DC12V miniature pump;
  5. A temperature display module;
  6. A plastic bottle;
  7. A few Catheters;
  8. A few papers;
  9. A towel (optional);
  10. A few ties;
  11. Hot-melt adhesives and hot melt guns;
  12. Other tool kit and your wisdom. :-)

Step 1: Completely Disassembled the Water Machine

This instructable is disassembling a water machine with heat up function only. So I prepared an extra AC-DC power adapter and coolers.

Notice: Only cold-heat type water machine have AC-DC adapter and cooling module.

Step 2: Keep This Hot-pot, Cooling Module and AC-DC Adapter

Hot-pot will be used to store the cooling water, cooling module will be used for cooling.

Notice: Only cold-heat type water machines have AC-DC adapter and cooling module.

Step 3: Reuse a Cooling Group of CPU and Dismantling It Keep the Fins Only

It will be used for circulating air to air cooling.

Step 4: Install Cold Heat Exchanger With Thermopiles and Keep the Cooler-face on Top

If you installed the multi-block thermopile, then you need an aluminum cover to ensure the fins will maximize heat absorption.

Notice: Do not install the thermopiles like a sandwich!!! This will not properly transfer the heat!

Step 5: Install a Fan on the Fins and Ensure the Wind Is Blowing Outward

Step 6: Install the Cold Heat Exchanger Module on the Frame, and Make Sure This Position Will Make Your Pet Feel Cosy and Safe

Step 7: Install Conduits

Use catheter(-> as it mark here) to connect goods.

Put the pump into plastic bottle fast. Then, heat-exchanger->plastic bottle; pump->hot-pots->heat-exchanger.

Step 8: Block the Hot-pot's Air Outlet. Otherwise It Will Leak!

We just use the hot-pot as a tank so the outlet is no longer necessary.

Or you can install it higher than the heat-exchanger resolve this problem.

Step 9: Install a Temperature Display Module

Step 10: Connect Every Goods Power-in-port to the AC-DC Adapter Then Use Paper to Cover the Intake

Step 11: Pour the Water(function Like Freon) in Plastic Bottle

Step 12: Turn on the Power and Continue to Add Water Until the Pipes Are Filled

Step 13: Put in a Towel in Pet' Igloo, That Can Improve Comfort for Pets.

Step 14: Use Paper to Block the Thermal Ventilation Windows

Step 15: Done!!! Just Enjoy It!!!



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    pretty cool (pun intended). I've been thinking about something like this to keep my cat nice and cool on the warmer days. Thanks for sharing!

    thx, just made it, and enjoy it. ;-)