Step 8: The Finished Product.

now you are ready to place the toy in the cage this is a rough idea of what it should look like.

  The problem is that this is cardboard based. It's a cute idea and you actually gave me a more permanent idea. I bought PVC pipping earlier today. It's not cheap, but I could three connectable pieces for $15 total. I was trying to think of different ways to connect them and I love this hammock + tube idea. It lookis great. The PVC is better since you can just wipe it off and it will last a long time where as the pringles cans you will have to throw away and... well... you have to eat pringles! Haha. Good work though, I like it. :)
The PVC is a good idea, though you'll also need to replace the fabric soon enough. Oh, and the tunnel is a good use for socks that have worn out.<br> One of my rats used to love sleeping in the hanging sock with a hole in the heel - nose poking out of the hole. Used a soda bottle for shape support - not as stiff as a Pringles tube but worked.<br> Pringle cans make good short term hang-outs, etc. And it's a good excuse to eat Pringles ;) Even without the fabric, you can mount the tubes (Pringle or PVC) with a couple of small bolts on the side of the cage. Or wire it to the cage. Mounted on a slight angle, they can even use them as ramps between levels. And with PVC, you could possibly have the pipe leave the confines of the cage, join to anther cage, loop around a cage, etc. Hrm, idea for modular cages coming...<br> Oh, if you want greater diameter - what about baby formula cans?<br>
This is a really great idea, but I agree you'll have to keep replacing it over time - if not for the smell, eventually, the kids will have soaked the cardboard &amp; it'll loose it's rigidness.<br><br>However, I like how you secure the pringles cans, using their own rings &amp; I'm sure the kids LOVE chasing each other in this tunnel!<br><br>The best suggestion I can think of on this toy is to make the fabric removable (thus washable). This could be done by separating the fabric into sections that connect at the solid tubes. Using 3-4 grommets at the end of each section &amp; securing those sections with wingnuts mounted on the outside of the tubes, this could be easily turned into a long-term toy for the kids!<br><br>Either way, this is a really clever idea if you have the materials &amp; don't mind re-making it every so often.
pro :) although my rat dosnt want to come out its too cumfy :)

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