Step 4: Assemble the Layers, Frost and Freeze

Spread the filling on the top of one of the cake. Place the second cake on top of the first. If they cakes are not level, level with a knife or a cake leveler. Frost the top cake. Smooth the frosting with wax paper. Place the cakes in the freezer with the wax paper in place. Freeze overnight, or until the cake is completely frozen.
It will be tasted good.
Hi <br> <br>To avoid the cakes from tipping.........I use jelly roll pans, petit fours are just around 1&quot; and much easier to hand and are more delicate looking
Nice instructable you should put it in the wedding contest!!
and could you do a wedding cake ible? Sorry, can you tell I'm getting married soon? Because this looks so good!
thanks! maybe i'll work on a wedding cake ible after i get done eating all of the petit fours.
wow!!!!! it looks very delecious
That looks really great!

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