Pets Collar Attatchments


Introduction: Pets Collar Attatchments

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Hi everybody! Today I'm going to be showing you how to make a collar Attatchment for your pet. It's quite simple, and can maybe almost make your pet as famous as Doug the Pug (pug internet sensation - look it up). You will need materials like felt, polyester etc etc, sewing needle, thread, and some buttons. Oh, and scissors! I'm going to make a Hawaiian superhero cape and mask for my cute little guy, Griffy. Shoutout to you, puppy! Okay so... Let's get started!

Step 1: Make the Actual Thing - Get It Over With (-;

Okay so first you're going to need to cut the size and shape of fabric that you need. As I said, I am making a superhero cape, so all I need is a rectangle with two extra flaps on each side of the front like in the picture. Next, sew on a button at one end of one flap and make a slit with your scissors on the other so the cape can be attached to the collar like in picture two.

Step 2: Pimp It

If you want to add bizazz to the attachment, try adding sequins or rhinestones to really make it pop.



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