Procuratevi il supporto originale (codice peggio' 6561.J7, circa 15EUR) e un'antenna adatta al vostro GPS
di dimensioni tali da entrare nel supporto.

Buy the antenna holder at your favourite dealer. The product code is 6561.J7 and it should be priced around 15EUR. Be sure you have an appropriate antenna for your GPS and that it does fit nicely.
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Step 4:

montare il supporto, l'antenna e rimettere i bulloni.
occhio a non stringere troppo che e' tutta plastica.
ho dovuto allargare un po' i buchi del supporto, non
so come mai non corrispondessero.

Assemble the antenna holder and lock it with the clips
you removed at the previous steps. The holes on my antenna holder were too small and I had to enlarge them a bit.
DKNY20008 years ago
hi guy's i have a BNC GPS Antenna & i want to chang the BNC connection to USB connection in order to use the antenna with my laptop can any one help me ? best regards to all
fourthofjuly (author)  DKNY20008 years ago
I'm sorry, that can't be done. A BNC antenna can only be used with a GPS.
gover578 years ago
any way you might publish this in english? seeing as this site is an english site, and i'm guessing the majority of the readers are english speaking......maybe re work this one as english thanks.
fourthofjuly (author)  gover578 years ago
I will add some notes in english in the next few day. It would be easier if there was localization support within instructables.
It seems that for some people the world ends at their borders and that there is only one language, one time zone and one country. Time they woke up and realised that the world is a lot bigger. Anyone wanting to find out about the rest of the world try using some of the other google engines and use babel fish.
fourthofjuly (author)  brucedenney8 years ago
This project was only done to try instructables and is a mere cut and paste of something I wrote for a local user group. As you can read in my previous comment, I said that I will translate it in english asap. Basically, there's no point in your comment. I took some time to read your other comments and - doh! - there's no point in any of them.
I interpreted brucedenney's post as being directed at gover57. I think he was trying to support you, not berate you. And I agree; this is the Internet, not USAnet. You don't owe him a translation. If he wants to read it, there are a myriad of resources to help him translate it himself.
fourthofjuly (author)  pdrummond8 years ago
If I misinterpreted, I'd like to express my apologies. Don't get me wrong. I'm a "fan" of the english language because it really helps collaborative projects. I keep almost every device I own in english, from my cell phone to the computer to my car. The fact that the instructable was originally in italian only is because the original document has been made to address a local audience.