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This is a project for beginners who like to learn Flat Odd-Count Peyote Stitch. Peyote stitch is a versatile beadweaving technique and with flat odd-count or even-count Peyote you can create wonderful handmade jewelries.
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Step 1:

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Cut 60 inches beading thread. Pick up an extra bead and pass the needle back thru the bead 2 times, leaving at least 7 inches tail. This bead will serve as your "bead stopper." For the 1st row, slide in 2 orange, 2 blue, 2 white, 2 orange and 1 blue

Step 2:

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Tip to starting a Peyote Stitch
Pick up your extra beading needle. Without a thread insert the needle through the beads starting with the last bead (blue bead) then skip the 1st orange bead and insert through the 2nd orange bead. Skip again the 1st white bead and insert through the 2nd white bead. Follow the same skipping and inserting through the bead until you come out of your bead stopper.

You now can clearly see your "up beads" and "down beads." The down beads with the needle is your 1st row and the up beads is your 2nd row.

Step 3:

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Pick up an orange bead. Pass the needle thru the next orange up bead then pull the thread. Pick up a white bead, skip the orange down bead and pass the needle thru next white up bead then pull the thread. Do the same for the next blue and orange beads.

Step 4:

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Now you would notice there is no "up bead." To complete the 3rd row and create an up bead, pick up a white bead. Pass the needle back thru the orange down bead shown in arrow and then pull the thread.
bollygal1 month ago
finally a clear cut explanatory picture of how to do peyotestitch
stas6002 years ago
замечательно!!! )))
diylesson (author) 2 years ago
Thank you all for your nice comments ♥♥♥ :))))
That looks amazing, and I would love to try it! Your photos documenting the process are just great!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Very clear photos. I might still need someone to walk me through the process! But it looks gorgeous :D
That is so neat - I have never seen this technique before. :D