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This paper airplane is single-handedly one of the best dart airplanes to fly. It's not very hard to make and it looks great too. It needs to be made with printer paper for it to work. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: To Start

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Take a piece of printer paper and fold it in half length- wise and then unfold it. There should be a crease down the center.

Step 2:

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Take the corner and fold it down, but lining it up with the opposite side. Do this on both sides. Then fold the paper down in the middle of the 'x' you created.

Step 3:

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Flip it over. Then, fold the corners to the crease.

Step 4:

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Next. Flip it over and repeat, BUT, DONT fold the corners on the other side

Step 5:

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This might be tricky, so it might hep to look at the pictures only.

Step 6:

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Flip it over, then fold the corners to the crease. Do this for both sides. ( by the way, in the picture it is very uneven so please ignore that. But I've noticed that even if it's uneven it still flies pretty well)

Step 7:

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Fold the other corners to the center just like the last step

Step 8:

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Fold it in half

Step 9:

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Fold the wings. It works a little better with slanted wings.

Step 10:

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Fold the back fins

Step 11:

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Fold the front fins

Step 12:

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Open up the wings and fins

Step 13: Finish

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! You just finished the PHANTOM G-2! To throw, just chuck it or throw it like you would a dart paper airplane. It works best outside. And if you have any ideas that would make it fly better and/or look cooler, I'm open for suggestions. Please vote and follow for more instructables to come. Hope you enjoyed making this!


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