Picture of Phaser Blasted Alarm Clock!
Tired of waking up to that annoying alarm clock that just won't stop? Silence it with this modified classic Sega Light Phaser. "Make my day!" This is a modified version of the Gun Operated Alarm Clock found in MAKE Volume 8

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Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...
1. Sega Light Phaser. I picked mine up on Ebay for $20.
2. Digital Alarm clock. I chose a cheapie color changing LED clock I also found on Ebay.
3. Any digital toy that has some cool sound effects. Mine was a G.I. Joe toy.
4. You may also need a battery holder for whatever size batteries the toy takes. Mine used 3 AAA's but worked fine with only 2.

Step 2: Gut the Phaser

Picture of Gut the Phaser
Take apart the Phaser. There are 4 screws and 1 hidden screw. They always seem to find a place to put a screw where you can't see it. Never stops us from taking things apart. Remove everything except the trigger and the original switch. You will also have to dremel or grind out all of the plastic inside the gun that is in the way of where your components will go. Be sure to save the cable!

Step 3: Prep the alarm clock

Picture of Prep the alarm clock
Regardless of the clock you get, it will have a way to 'kill' the alarm. Either tap buttons on the bottom like mine did or a snooze button on the top. Open up the clock and locate where the contact are for that switch. Mine just unsnapped.

Step 4: Wire up the clock

Picture of Wire up the clock
Using the Sega cable, cut the end off and strip back to expose the wires. There are 4 inside. You will only be using 2. Solder those two wires to the 'tap' connection inside the alarm clock.

Step 5: Prep your Sound Effects

Picture of Prep your Sound Effects
Every toy will be similar. There is a circuit board with an encased module chip that plays the sound effects. Mine also had flashing LED's. Remove the circuit board. Keep the red (+) and black (-) wires that go to the power source and the two wires that switch on the sound effect(s).

Step 6: Build the Phaser

Picture of Build the Phaser
Now it's time to put everything inside the Phaser. I had plenty of room for a AAA battery holder, the circuit board, speaker and LED. Connect the two wries from the SFX circuit board switch to the original Phaser switch. Also wire the original Sega cable end to the switch. Test it! When you pull the trigger, the SFX should go off.

Step 7: Re-assembly

Picture of Re-assembly
After drilling a small hole for the Sega cable in the clock radio housing, put it back together. Also close up the Sega Phaser. Now you have a Phaser Blasted Alarm Clock! When the alarm goes off you can 'silence' it with your Phaser! The cable is long enough to go pretty far and stay within reach at all times! Have fun!
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