Phat Pants





Introduction: Phat Pants

Pants that are really big are fun :) Here is how to make a simple pair. If anything is unclear just ask a question, be nice its my first instructable :P
You will need about 3 yards of fabric 

PS. i wouldn't use this type of fabric... i chose it because it was shiny :P  but was hard to work with and it wrinkles easily. 

Step 1: Measuring


Step 2: Making the Pattern


Step 3: Cutting and Sewing


Step 4: Finishing

 Decorate as you wish :D



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    i was wondering how to make pants like those shyni rave pants...

    does this methods apply?

    1 reply

    all pants are pretty much the same, you just alter them, so yes.
    from what it looks like you'd probably want to use something like cotton, or maybe heavier, and if you want to make the cool designs you should definitely put those on while everything is still flat, so before sewing.
    They look well fitted so you might want to think about putting in a zipper or buttons (easier) but you can still go with the band if you want.