Philadelphia Firecracker ! !





Introduction: Philadelphia Firecracker ! !

I don't know where or how this got its name, it's basically a wrap but I remember them from way before wraps were popular

Step 1: Lets Get Started

Here's what you are going to need.....

Burritto size tortilas
Mayonaise or miricle whip
Horseradish sauce or regular horseradish
Steak Sauce
roast beef
hard salami or other lunch meat of your choice
Cheese ( Im using grated because it's what I have of hand but swiss would be best
Jalapeno peppers or peppers of your choice

Step 2: Lay Out

Warm the tortilla, (I use a toaster oven) lay out a blob of mayo. horseradish and steak sauce

Step 3: Yuck !!

OK I know this looks kind of nasty but spread the above mentioned blob around the tortilla

Step 4: Meat !

lay out a layer of deli roast beef

Step 5: More Meat !

now a layer of hard salami goes on in this instance but you could use ham or bologma, cooked salami or hot ham (cappicole)

Step 6: Cheese It !

a layer of cheese goes down next. I used a grated mexican mix here because it's what I had on hand, american slices would work but sliced swiss would be best

Step 7: Heat It Up

Usually hot cherry peppers are used but I like jalapenos, spread them around some, you want a bit in each bite right?

Step 8: Wrap It UP !

Start at the beginning (its yoru choice where) and roll it up !

Step 9: Ready to Serve

Slice the firecracker in half on the diagonanl ( I don't know why !! it's always been cut that way ! ! ! )
Lay on a handful of potato chips of your choice and open a cold beverage...enjoy



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I think I remember seeing something similar in an old cookbook from the '80s called "White Trash Cooking" :D I'm gonna go make one right now!! I like to put the chips directly into the sandwich/wrap to give it crunch! Wash it down with a co'cola! Mmmm-mmm!!

an OLD cookbook from the 80's? ? ? ? ? Im not sure if that's funny or insulting to those of use with more than 3decades of life experience! = )

My partner likes to put the chips inside her wrap or sandwich also

Looks good to me, except for maybe the rectangular cow... Many "standard" sandwich combinations can be rolled up in a tortilla for a slightly different taste experience (that being the whole idea behind "wraps", I guess.)

LOL @ square cow ! ! I do agree its probably not the best roastbeef available but the local grocery (WinnDixie) had a 2 for $ on the packaged variaty AND you get a reusable container !