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Introduction: Philadelphia Museum of Art Guitar Pick

The Museum of Art is a wonderful institution in Philadelphia.  They also give you a great plastic badge as proof of your admission.  You can turn this badge, and similar badges from other museums, into picks to make some music once you leave inspired by the works of art.

Step 1:

You leave the museum with this guy.

Step 2:

You have one of these guys at home.

Step 3:

Now side by side you can see the great potential the badge has. 

Step 4:

So you go ahead and trace the portion of your pick that fits on the badge and edit the rest to get the proper pick shape for the size of the badge.  Then you better get ready to cut it out.

Step 5:

Then, BOOM you cut it out.  Great job. 

Step 6:

Then, you break out some sandpaper to get those smooth professional edges you want. 

Step 7:

Finally you are done and ready to slay some tunes on your axe.  Well done.



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    not trying to plug somthing but this is what i use

    That's pretty cool.

    yeah :) every time my parents, my friends, or whenever I get a credit card offer with a fake "your name here" credit card I'm like SCORE!!! free picks :)