Picture of Philco Radio PC
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Philco Radio PC
Found this old Philco Radio in an indoor thrift store (owned by the hardware store located next store) called the Serendipity Room a year or so back and said to myself if I run across a used computer small enough I would purchase the Radio if it’s still available and do the build. So almost a year later I found this Hewlett Packard Pavilion Slim line S3200n PC, perfect for this build.
Went back to the thrift store and the Radio was still there!!!
Went into the hardware store and asked for a price, they said the thrift store was closed, due to Hurricane Sandy here in NJ flooded the entire building and contents was water damaged.
I still wanted the radio which survived by sitting up on a chair; they said $10.00 it’s yours.
Goals: refinish the case to hopefully make it look like the original radio would have looked, make the radio dial scale glow as original, and use the original knobs.
After the Computer was complete I took it to a local Radio Museum and proudly displayed it for them, who promptly thought of this as blasphemy to destroy this old radio, but then said “Where is the rest of the radio?” I asked what do you mean, they said the left half of the radio was missing. It seems the original radio was much larger and someone cut it down and just attached a panel on the left to cover the opening. So this radio has been thru 2 transformations.

Step 1: This is how the Radio looked when purchased

Picture of This is how the Radio looked when purchased
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Pictures of Philco Radio when it was purchased
donytek (author) 2 years ago
Thank you
What a great build. I love the way you have now made your computer a thing of beauty and not the usual plastic that ends up in landfill!
Simply BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice Work ...
knife1412 years ago
I like this a lot. Very nice job!
donytek (author)  knife1412 years ago
Thank you