Step 4: Refinish case

Picture of Refinish case
Refinishing the wood case using polyurethane stain. But after putting on the second coat of polyurethane stain wasn't content with the finish so I lightly sanded the case again and reapplyied polyurethane stain again. Next step was to cut the back so the computer air vents and ports were accessible, using masking tape on the edges of the wood where it was cut keeps the wood from splintering. After removing the original radio speaker and replaced it with a 120 MM fan. There was not much space in the case for the fan and the light and switch panel wires were getting stuck in the back of the fan so I placed a fan grill on the inside of the fan to keep the wires from getting cought. The computer CD-ROM drive was permanently removed for lack of front access in favor of aesthetics and room for the radio light and switch panel.