Step 5: Adding New Wiring and Front Panel

Light and switch panel installed in the case, the inside view (faces the computer inside) of the light and switch panel. Outside view of the light and switch panel (this side faces the front radio dial). Notice the red power button switch and original radio dial plastic and tuner bar. The original computer metal cover was repurposed to create the light and switch panel which is located just inside the front radio dial glass. To get the new radio dial lights to shine thru from behind the original radio dial plastic to produce the same glow, the original radio dial plastic was repurposed by cutting a square hole in the light and switch panel slightly smaller than the original radio dial plastic then hot glued it in. The momentary SPST push button power switch was mounded in the light and switch panel so the top radio dial button can be pressed to turn the computer on, which required rewiring the original computer front panel switch to the new switch. Hot glued was used to mount the plastic tubes to the light and switch panel to isolate the bulbs from the metal frame. The new 6 volt incandescent lights slid in the tubes and wired in series to dim the brightness, run cooler and support the voltage tapped off the 12 volt power supply along with the fan. Bolts were inserted from behind to hold the knob in place and not fall out the front. A sleeve was required in each of the original wood holes for the knobs to hold strait. Brass hardware was used to fill the unused original radio mounting holes and install the fan on the right side of the case. The light and switch panel was mounted in the case using the existing holes from the original radio mounting. Notice the green and white wires going to back of the power switch.
Thank you
What a great build. I love the way you have now made your computer a thing of beauty and not the usual plastic that ends up in landfill!
Simply BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice Work ...
I like this a lot. Very nice job!
Thank you

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