Step 6: Final Assembly

The original radio dial glass was used along with the original knobs. The knob hole was half round because there was a metal tab inside it, I took needle nose pliers to remove the metal tab in the knob hole, the hardware store found a screw that would fit in the knob hole and not be too long as to hit the light and switch panel once installed, 1 inch screws were used. Used 2 plummer grommets on each screw to keep the screw centered in the holes in the front of the wood case. One close up picture of the motherboard shows a connector in the front right corner, with a red and black wire cut, and the green and white wire, the green and white wire connect to the front light and switch panel power button. The picture with the white and black connectors disconnected, the computer power supply did not have a white Molex connector so I had to spliced one off the black power connector. They had the same wire color code, don't forget to verify the wires are soldered well and taped up to prevent shorting.  The new white connector has a splitter on it that can be purchased in any computer store, the splitter connects to the power for the radio lights on the light and switch panel and the side 120 MM fan. I decided to use a Cool Drive hard drive cooler placed in the CD-ROM slot to keep the hard drive cool. The wood bottom of the case holds the computer chassis firmly in the case only one screw was required going thru the chassis to the wood to prevent the computer from sliding front to back. The bottom cover uses 4 screws to hold it on as seen in the picture.The hole in the bottom was there from the radio, I use that hole for access for the light and switch panel connectors.
Thank you
What a great build. I love the way you have now made your computer a thing of beauty and not the usual plastic that ends up in landfill!
Simply BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice Work ...
I like this a lot. Very nice job!
Thank you

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