Introduction: Philips QG3020 Disassembly / Change Battery

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Getting Started. Please read all steps before proceeding


1. Make the shaver last longer.
2. Never run out of battery as you can change it.
3. Not pay for proper shaver...

You will need:

1. Philips QC3020
2. Flat Screwdriver
3. One (1) AA rechargeable battery ( i used an OEM Ni-MH 2400Mha )
4. Strip of aluminum foil
5. A great beard to shave

You have to remember:

-1. Remove the shaver from power source
 0. You will actually break parts of the shaver!
 1. You will void your warranty!
 2. 1.5Volts wont kill you but always be careful with electricity
 3. The shaver wont be waterproof as it was before (unless you apply silicon)

Step 1: Opening the Case

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The hard part is now.

Gently push the screwdriver in the shaver and start lifting. Some of the internal plastics will start breaking up and the cap will start to lift.

When it is half open lift it with you hands.

Step 2: Remove the Old Battery

Picture of Remove the Old Battery

Finally we have to change the battery.

But we have one big problem... the wires are welded on the battery!

With a little patience and the screwdriver slowly remove the tips from the battery

Step 3: Insert New Battery

Picture of Insert New Battery

Get the aluminum and make little V shaped foil.

Use it on the Negative (black) to fix the battery into position

Step 4: Putting It Back to Life

Picture of Putting It Back to Life

Get the cable out of the way. Hold the on/off button down and put the top back on and...



gcarlotoma (author)2017-12-02

Hi everyone. What do you mean by "charger" in your previous posts? I would like to know whether I will still be able to use the original adapter to recharge the new battery (that is the black adapter that comes with the shaver inside the box when you buy it), or if I need to use a private charger, like the one I usually use to charge 4 rechargeable batteries at a time for other devices I own. Thank you for you kind answer and help.

Deadca7 (author)2017-07-22

Case should be opened by the other end: "Insert a screwdriver in the groove next to the shaft at the top of the appliance. Turn the screwdriver to separate the two housing halves." From the official manual.

apostolis80 made it! (author)2015-04-13

thanks but what kind of rechargable battery would it need so i can use the charger again?

marios88 (author)apostolis802015-04-13

any rechargeable AA battery will do

apostolis80 (author)marios882015-04-14

but are they all compatible with the charger? I don't know much about that and i'm a little bit afraid

onderjas (author)apostolis802016-11-16

Have you tried it already? I have the same shaver that you posted (different from OP). It originally has a AAA (small) battery in it. I want to replace it with a AA for better battery life but I don't know if the original charger is still ok. Maybe the ampere is to low?

apostolis80 (author)onderjas2016-11-16

Yes I have, since 2 years ago. It still works fine.

onderjas (author)apostolis802016-11-28

Thank you for the fast responce. I replaced the battery with a 2300 mAh rechargable AA battery. The charger is very weak (0,5 mA). After three days of nonstop charging the shaver still doesn't work. The motor turns but not powerful enough to move the shaver. I don't know much about electronics but I noticed the charger is 5 volt and the battery is 1,2 volt. I thought the voltage should be the same and the ampere can be different (more ampere is faster). Do you guys have a different charger? My shaver is a different type but really looks a like (the inside is different).

Sorry for my Englisch, I'm not a native speaker.

apostolis80 (author)onderjas2016-11-30

My charger is 2W, 80mA. Is your device an original Philips shaver?

onderjas (author)apostolis802016-11-30

Mine is 2W, 4,2V and 70 mA. (The 0,5 mA i said in my previous post was wrong, sorry for that).

My best guess now is that it won't work because the voltage of the battery is to low. My beard is getting pritty long but I really don't want to give up on this. I started it so i have to fix it!

onderjas (author)onderjas2016-11-30

Yeah! I fixed it. The aluminum foil wasn't connecting properly. Thanks Apostolis80 (and marios88 of course)

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