I have always admired Phillipe Starcks lamp and thought there must be an easy way to make a good looking one on my own.  Photo below is of the real...£1300 pound lamp

I set myself a budget of £10 and came up with this...

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Step 1: Materials Needed

This lamp can be customised depending on the materials you have/buy and the size of the lamp you want.  It is possible to make a large one using a toy AK47 or similar and a floor lamp.

My first issue was how to get the great gold colour used in the Phillipe Starck lamps.  Electroplating would have been ideal - but not at the cost I was looking for.  Rustoleum make a great metallic gold spray paint but to stay within budget I used a gold spray paint and a clear lacquer with gold glitter impregnated in it that was left over from a previous project.

The materials I used for this particular project are:

- A toy gun or pistol
This I purchased from a discount store for £1.50

-An old lamp - similar size to the gun you have/buy
I bought a black lamp from Tesco on special for £3

-Gold spraypaint

-Glitter lacquer spraypaint

-A black lampshade
Purchased from Homebase for £2.50

-Basic Handtools

<p>Very clever. </p>

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