Introduction: Phillips Bluetooth Speaker Transformation

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With this Instructable, I will show you how to repair a Phillips BT2500, or any other Bluetooth speaker.

Mine wasn't working any-more because the micro USB de-soldered itself from the main board.

Step 1: Take Appart the Bluetooth Speaker

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First thing, you need to remove all the screws from the speaker.

You can then unplug all the components:

- Main board (Amp + Bluetooth interface)

- Speaker

- Battery

- Potentiometer

You need to identify the problem at this moment.

Step 2: Gather Replacement Parts

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Instead of soldering a new Micro USB to the board, I decided to pump it a bit, and change it's form factor.

I took a battery I got from an old asus tablet pc. I bought a micro USB 5V 1A battery charger ( ).

I also got a power switch from and old ATX psu.

Finally I used a old philips radio that my dad use to have when he was young!
I used it's original speaker and potentiometer.

The bluetooth speaker was 8 Ohms and 3 Watts and I replaced it with a larger 8Ω 2W speaker.

The battery is also 3000 mA/h, way bigger than the previous 750 mA/h one.

Step 3: Put Everything Back Together

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Now, you just need to adjust the old radio. I cut some slots for the micro usb and switch with my dremel.

Soldered everything and testing it along the way.

It's now over you have a brand new "retro" looking bluetooth speaker!


openit (author)2017-10-04

Little advice. Perhaps you might want to tell people how to get "into" the Phillips BT 2500 initially. I destroyed mine going in through the speaker screen. I had the micro USB detach also and that is all I wanted to repair. Now I'll just trash it and buy something else. FYI to others...pry the back of the speaker cover off.

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