Picture of Philly CheeseSteak Casserole
My kitchen looks like a tornado went through it this weekend, deep cleaning the cabinets and rotating the canned hurricane supplies, the counter and stove piled with dishes, pans and pots needing washing but we still needed to eat ! The microwave and convection toaster oven were clear so that's how I cooked
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of ingredients
Not only is this an easy meal to throw together its rather inexpensive

 steakums, my grocery usually has these buy one get one free for around $5.us
 packaged macNcheese, these pasta and sides were recently 5 for $5.us

 onion, green pepper
 steak sauce
 worchestershire sauce
 extra cheese, velveeta in this case

 milk and butter or margerine

Step 2: Steaks

Picture of steaks
I usually use a frying pan to cook the steakums but I use the same ingredients. It's not the best cheesesteak in the world but it suffices.

 In a microwave safe bowl , break up 4 or 5 steakums, add in your green peppers, onions, a splash of steak sauce and worchestershire sauce, microwave on high for 1 minute and stir the microwave on high for 4 minutes or until all the pink is gone, strain off any water or grease

Step 3: Pasta

the pasta and sides comes with instructions for microwaving, I pretty much followed the directions but added another half cup of water towards the end of "cooking"

Step 4: Xtra cheese

Picture of xtra cheese
this step is optional, I just happen to like cheese, you can use whatever you have available, cheddar, american, jack, I'm using about an inch thick chunk of velveeta cut into chunks

Step 5: Combine it all

Picture of combine it all
when the pasta is finished cooking in the microwave, add in the cooked meat and stir together well. The food is ready to eat at this point but I went an extra step and added in the extra cheese before pouring into a small casserole dish and baking  in a 350f oven for 15 minutes