I'm super excited to get the finished product up. I'll be making steps soon, I just have to get a few more photos taken and then I'll be able to put them up. Till then, I've just got the images you see here.

This is a printable DIY Harry Potter party favor or prop made entirely from paper. The photos here are just the first stages. I'll put the step-by-step instructions up soon. To find the Printable, you can click this link:


<p>Cheers </p>
hey they do not have it any more can u email it to me please
I think you mean sorcerers Stone. Awesome thought looks really cool
Yeah, I think it depends where you live. :) They call it the Philosopher's stone over here. Thanks!
Awesome! Look forward to the directions. Will you provide the template too?
Hey thanks! Yeah, I've got the template on there now, but the steps are still coming (Need to take more photos) :) <br>Cheers!

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