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I took the black $5 phone charger, then I thought that a ninja or samurai sword handle design would look cool on it, but it has a light that lights red and blue to tell if your phone is charging. So I made the light look like eyes.


Logan Tech (author)2016-07-27

Ok, thanks for the tip. Manly I all you do is get a phone charger similar to the one shown and take black duck tape around it then take a red ribbon and fold it so it looks like the one I made, or better yet make your own design I'm always open to see what people make. After all I'm just a teen. :)

E_C (author)2016-03-31

All this is is you showing us what you did, not how you did it... Just wanted to point that out, could you edit it and add steps on how to do that design? I would like to use it somewhere. Thanks :)

Logan Tech (author)2015-12-19

That's true but I don't have money for the cool designs or anything. Manly it's just a phone charger. Does its job that's all I really care about.

mobile-technician (author)2015-11-29

With regards to phone chargers, I think a lot of more innovation can be done by amateurs itself. There can be many more features/facilities with better designs.

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