Recently I've been getting frustrated at night trying to plug my charger into my phone when I'm about to go sleep, my nexus 4 charger does have little notch to aid in fitting but I can never feel it, this mod is super simple and everyone can do it, you only need a glue gun..

I suppose this may help people with sight issues or even other impairments.

Step 1: Which Way Is Up?

Check which is the top by plugging it in to your phone (there may even be markings)

Step 2: Go Use It.

Apply a small dollop of glue to the top of the lead.

Step 3: Go Use It.

I hope that's helped a few of you and as I wanted to do it anyway I thought I'd use it as my first instructable.

Update: Works fantastically! I find it super simple to fit with my eyes closed or when In the dark it's a great little mod that makes my life easier.
<p>very nice, I usually just scrape one side with my pocket knife.</p>
I never thought of that. haha. <br><br>Though I guess you can always just peel the glue off if you're selling the phone or something with this easy mod.

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