Phone Charger Using a Computer Fan





Introduction: Phone Charger Using a Computer Fan

My First Project on Instructables!

This project has copyright to :

Thank you for this wonderful idea into charging a device.

I have not fully completed this project so there will be updates to images so I don't have to copy-Right the owners one in use but it will look similar just on a MOTORCYCLE....

Step 1: Parts:

All I used was:

  • 12V DC computer fan.
  • 5v step-up module, (bought on eBay)
  • An old iPhone 3Gs
  • Phone charging cable

Step 2: Put Them All Together

Put the fan wires onto the + and - of the step-up module. The RED fan wire goes to + and the BLACK goes to - .

I tested my fan charger by spinning it connected to the powered up iPhone and it worked!

Now to improve this project you could use a solar panel. This project can be used to charge many devices I was charging my walkie talkie via this module (the walkie had a PC charger).

NO devices that require 110 - 240 v may charge with this module. Maybe improve it more with a different step up module.

Thanks my first Instructables!



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    Just out of curiosity will this work? by using 5v stepup module? if yes what is the time requires to charge the phone?

    Good idea. Built one. Getting a constant 5V out. The LED in teh step-up lights up. But not charging the phone. Maybe ampere is not enough?

    Simple and cool, I'm very excited about this project.
    A bit of curiosity: what speed do you need at your bycicle to provide 5v ~500mAh to charge a cellphone?

    I'm excited to see more in the future!