Phone Charging Dock




Introduction: Phone Charging Dock

a cherry wood charging station for your phone

Step 1: Cuting the Wood

cut the wood to the dimensions that work for your phone. it doesn't have to be perfect or even anything specific just what works for you

Step 2: Cating a Notch

i started by using a saw to make the gide line and then i used a chisel to smack the wood out of its plece

Step 3: The Glue Up

this step is pretty straightforward, you know... just glue it up (and use a lot of clamps)

Step 4: Making the Cable Insert

you can just finish the project now and you'll have a pretty nice phone stand but I decided to go a step further and make it a charging station i drilled a hole the same size of the cable and then made a channel for the cord

Step 5: Sanding and Oiling

before I connect the cable I wanted to send the entire dock and put a finish of oil on it so it wouldn't touch the electronics

Step 6: Glueing the Cable

i just used some hot glue in case i ever want to change the cable i also made some rubber feet using the hot glue so it won't slide around so much



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