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Introduction: Phone Charging Station

The aim for this project was to reuse some scrap wood and an unused charging cable. I despise tangled wires, regardless if they are from my headphones, chargers or other technical devices. Therefore I wanted to create a little, neat looking charging station, which i can put on my desk.

The whole project is cheap and easy to make. Furthermore can it be completed within an afternoon.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools!


  • Scrap wood
  • Charging cable
  • Velvet tape (optional)


  • Saw (some kind of saw, I used a chopsaw)
  • Sandpaper
  • Sand Paper
  • Drill
  • Adequate safety gear

Step 2: Make a Plan

If you want to make your station perfectly suitable for your own smartphone, you have to measure the dimensions of your phone. So you start off making some measurements. At this point your project is completely up to you. Be creative, you can make whatever shape you want. I wanted mine to have a simple and minimalist design.

Step 3: Rough Cut and Gluing

I wanted mine to be about 4,5 cm in height, however my scraps are just about 1.5 cm high, therefore I cut out three pieces, which are roughly the desired size, to glue them together and achieve the right height. To glue them I used some wood glue and some clamps.

Step 4: Final Shape

As soon as the glue has dried, I cut the block into my favoured size using a chopsaw. After that I had a nice little wood block with 6 neat surfaces.

Step 5: Cutting the Slot

To give the phone a good support, I marked a slot onto the wood, where I could later on stick the phone into. To cut it out, you can either use some machinery, like a chopsaw or a mill for instance. Nevertheless you can do it the old fashined way, by using a hacksaw, as well.

Step 6: The Conduit

Now comes the more tricky part, however it is not too bad. If you want to hide your cable inside the block, you have to drill a canal, which lets you insert the cable and is just big enough to fit the port, but is not visible from the outside. This step requires some patience, if you want to make it perfectly. If you drill the hole a little bit too big, so that the port does not hold by itself, you can fix it by using some super glue. Do not forget to try if the phone fits, before you fix it permanently.

Step 7: Footing (optional)

To cover the base I used some spare velvet tape. Simply cut it to size and stick it on. This lets it look even more valuable.

I hope you have enjoyed my little instructable, and maybe try it out yourself.



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Whats an NFC tag? Building mine in two part like JayS9 sugguestrd

1 reply

near field communication (NFC) technologyand the smart tags that work with NFC.

NFC isn't a fundamentally groundbreaking technology. Like Bluetooth and WiFi, it's a wireless radio communications standard. In the wireless world, NFC's closest relative is actually RFID (radio frequency identification).

Did you cut the cable? or how do you put it into the block?

1 reply

No I did not do anything to alter the cable. I just drilled the hole in the bottom to be big enough to insert it with a little bit of gentle force.

What a FANTASTIC Idea.

I an thinking that I use this idea and convert it to suit my iPad.

It really is a Great Idea

Thanks for Sharing

P.s. I will Post some pics, after I have Completed

I made this for my old phone a few months ago

Nice job! I've got a few pieces of mahogany sitting around that I might do something similar with! My only change may be to groove out the conduit cable into the middle section of wood beforehand to keep the bottom clean and flat. Then still in from your phone groove into the pre-made channel. Thanks for the ible!

Simple and looks great!

Simple and "design" !

NFC is a very good idea as well.

nfc tag on top would be. a nice little add-on. making it so as that nfc turns your phone on silent, sets alarms, etc.

What benefit would adding the NFC tag provide?


...can elegantly be made as a personal gift with receiver (individual or/and org's) name engraved...

Very cool. So many possibilities