Picture of Phone Controlled Mood Lighting

Dorm rooms are notorious for their dreadful lighting, so I wanted to make a cool alternative light source for my room at school. I made it phone controlled so there would be an easy and wireless way to change the color of the lighting.

The lighting consists of Tricolor LED Strips and are controlled by a phone through an app. The app is able communicate with the Arduino via bluetooth by using the Seeed Bluetooth Shield.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
(x1) Arduino Uno (RadioShack #276-128)
(x3) Tricolor LED Strip (RadioShack #276-249)
(x1) Universal 1000mA AC Adapter (RadioShack #273-316)
(x1) M-type Adaptaplug (RadioShack #273-344)
(x1) Grid-Style PC Board (RadioShack #276-149)
(x1) Seeed Bluetooth Shield
(x1) Android Phone or Device
(x1) 36"x24"x1/4" plywood
(x1) 15"x11"x1/4" milky white acrylic
(x4) Wood screw #6 x 3/8"
(x8) Washer #6 small

Step 2: Bluetooth shield

Picture of Bluetooth shield
Fit the bluetooth shield onto the Arduino. 

Arrange the jumpers on the board like in the first photo above. The first jumper should be connected to digital pin 7 and BT_RX and the second jumper should be connected to digital pin 6 and BT_TX. The shield will not be able to act as the bluetooth slave if the jumpers are not connected properly.

nichloe9 months ago

This is beautiful.

nikoala3 (author)  nichloe9 months ago

Hahah thanks chlobro

LiuLifen821 year ago
I love this! It would be awesome for my Christmas party. But I'm concerned about opening up my phone to vulnerabilities after reading on about hacks. Is this safe to do?
nikoala3 (author)  LiuLifen821 year ago
Sorry for the late response! I guess It's a little late for the Christmas party, but you still could for New Year's ;D. I have not read up much on VPN, but from the little I just did, I suspect that this is safe to do. You are only using Processing with your android device and I have not read anything bad about that software. Although, I guess that you assume some risk using any software with your phone. I personally would not worry about it.
jyh943031 year ago
What a brilliant idea. Beautiful wall art and an energy efficient light source.
Love it!