Phone Dock Out of Knex




Introduction: Phone Dock Out of Knex

DON'T BE TOO MEAN THIS IS MY FIRST INSTRUCTABLE :).This is how to make a Phone dock out of Knex. I don't know what phones it holds but it holds my Sony Ericsson W810i.

Step 1: What We Need!

We need this...

Step 2: The Bottom

We are going to start making the bottom first.
All it is, is this

Step 3: Top Bit

Now to make the top bit.

Step 4: Putting Them Together

After that we need to put it together, by the little green rods to the middle bit of the yellow half-moon shape.



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    Can I substitute tan connectors for blue ones? Basically the same size but without the extended bit for wheels and such,.

    i made two of these just now. i modified it slightly, adding extra red rods for extra support. i made a slightly smaller one for my zune, and instead of the red rod at the bottom part, i seperated it into 2 smaller white rods, to fit the USB connector. al also too out some of the red rods, so it's at a lower angle so i can reach the controls while docked and charging! hooray! it fits most of my electronics, camera, phone etcetera


    Cheer 4 the comment i know the 1st pic is blurry

    i posted it so look at it when it comes up

    i built a dock a few weeks ago for my samsung sync i might post

    i got a sony ericson w810i walkman! nice dock i might build it

    when you are asking people not to be too mean, it helps to use proper grammar, i.e. "too", not "to". But it is cool!