Introduction: Phone Guy Costume (Rebornica)

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Hello! This is me 2nd instructable so today aside from purple guy and Jeremy today we are looking at Phone Guy (PG)!!

Step 1: References

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K so now time for some references now you can go on Google and type in "Phone Guy Rebornica" and BOOM it shows a boatload of pics and funny comics by Rebornica k save a few now let's GET TO WORK!

Step 2: The Suit

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Now this part is easy now just find yourself
Some black gloves and for the right one put tape or bandages on it find grey pants and a blue suit you can get a name tag and put "PG" on it if you want

Step 3: The Phone Head

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Now time for some building now take these photos and resize it to your size it's easy! Now make sure it fits your head now cut out a circle and use these templates for the front dial circle

Step 4: The Phone

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Now you can use an oversized phone and paint it red (later) or create one out of paper towel tubes it's super easy and By the way make a stand as shown.

Step 5: Combining

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Now just tape or glue the phone to the head

Step 6: Paint

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Now just get some applebarrel paint gloss
- 1 Real Red
- 1 dolphin Grey
Bout $.97 for 1 bottle I accidentally got 2 real red but 1 should do!
Oh and use these pictures for paint guide

Step 7: Extras

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Now add some cord or anything like black string or black zip ties or something And add eyebrows mad happy sad annoyed or whatever I did happy :)


Picture of FINISHED!

Now you can go out on Halloween and have fun or just for real life comics by Rebornica (I'm going to do that) so yeah it's not that hard and I think my next one will be a Cardboard epic (mines badly painted) low budget TARDIS From doctor who it took me 2 days 1st for the thing/model and the 2nd day for paint (it started to rain so that's why it's bad painting) and lights up! So see ya next time!


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