If your like me, you'll love making this easy phone head "robot". Besides tools you can make this with just a phone, you can find them for about $1-5 at thrift shops Make sure that it will have a large motherboard or it wont have enough pieces to make it. This makes a great gift for anyone who likes electronics.

Step 1: Supply List

You only need 1 thing to make this beside the phone head and the parts. The photo above it shows the location that i suggest to put the parts. The supply list below is just a suggestion that i use but you can change it however you want for what you are making.

Supply list:
Glue gun,
Phone head,

5 Teeth, (Capacitors)
1 Nose, (Capacitor)
2 Eyes, (Capacitors, Lights or Integrated Circuts)
2 Ears, (Capacitors)
Small wires for hair and beard (optional)
it would be cool if the leds lit up, do you think you could add that?
I am going to order some LEDS but i don't have the money now, thanks for the suggestion, i did not even think of that.
If anyone finds anything like a misspelling or anything that would improve it please tell me.

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