Picture of Phone / Ipod holder
This is a project that I teach to year 8 (KS3) students (12year olds) it aims to give an insight into what GCSE Engineering (KS4) would involve. This is important as there are many other subjects they can choose within Design and Technology and we want the students to pick the one that’s right for them

Learning objective of the project.
By designing and making a phone holder KS3 students will be introduced to Engineering tools and machinery. Students will apply knowledge and understanding to work independently with equipment such as the metal lathe, pillar drill, measuring & marking tools, and how add a surface finish to steel. By the end of the project students should be able to assess and conclude if they would like to continue their studies of Engineering to GCSE level.

Please see the attached files for work booklets, work sheets and end of module test

If you have any questions please add them to the comments section at the end.....Jonny :) 

Step 1: Designing

Picture of Designing
Resources; Inspiration images / inspiration page / colour pencils

The students can use a selection of sources for inspiration e.g. flowers, architecture, nature, patterns, coral reef,  etc... Using the design inspiration page, they start by sticking in the chosen image then focusing on part of it, then sketch the basic lines that make up that image. By using the phrase “Rearrange, Repeat, Rotate” create a design idea as per the example shown then repeat the process to create a range of ideas.
wilgubeast3 years ago
Your students must LOVE your class. Awesome tools + phone holders?
jonnyd55 (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago
Thanks :) the majority have a great time and end up with a lovely thing to take home. I think its important they make something they can relate to and use.
nicely done with the inspiration... rotate, rearrange repeat is a really great idea!
jonnyd55 (author)  stumitch3 years ago
Thanks, I will shortly be adding an instructable that focuses on creativity and goes into more depth on how to turn the unexpected into the .......... awesome!
Nice idea... what lacks for sure in the shops can be creativity! its so easy to just give kids step by step without getting them to think in a different way.
jjone5383 years ago
out of a scale of 1 to 10 how cool it is i would say 12!! its so cool
jonnyd55 (author)  jjone5383 years ago
Thanks, are you going to make one?
jjone5383 years ago
Apolo83 years ago
+11 four you !
That is awesome. Great looking final product, too. Subbed.
jonnyd55 (author)  TeacherChair3 years ago
Thanks, its a new project I created this year so students understand what is involved in engineering..... which as it happens is a new GCSE I started last year :)