Step 6: Aluminium Sides: Marking Out Holes

Tools; Scriber / Centre Punch / Hammer

Use a scriber to mark out the two holes for the bolts to hold the steel rods in place, they must not be too close to the edge and you need one rod at low front and the other at high back. Centre punch the marks to be drilled.
Your students must LOVE your class. Awesome tools + phone holders?
Thanks :) the majority have a great time and end up with a lovely thing to take home. I think its important they make something they can relate to and use.
nicely done with the inspiration... rotate, rearrange repeat is a really great idea!<br>-stu
Thanks, I will shortly be adding an instructable that focuses on creativity and goes into more depth on how to turn the unexpected into the .......... awesome!
Nice idea... what lacks for sure in the shops can be creativity! its so easy to just give kids step by step without getting them to think in a different way.
out of a scale of 1 to 10 how cool it is i would say 12!! its so cool
Thanks, are you going to make one?
+11 four you !
That is awesome. Great looking final product, too. Subbed.
Thanks, its a new project I created this year so students understand what is involved in engineering..... which as it happens is a new GCSE I started last year :)

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