Mobile phones have become a versatile & powerful tool for doing many different things. I have been using mine as a scanner. With many apps you can "scan" your documents, receipts, contracts in order to have a electronic version. To make it easier I built a stand that would hold my phone at the right distance in order to scan up to a 8.5" x 11" page. It's true that some apps will correct the image if you don't take it perfectly flat but a stand makes the job easier when you have many docs to scan. I use the app CamScanner on my Android phone, it works perfectly.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1 - 5/16" x 48" round wooden dowel

2 - 1/2" square boards 12 3/4" long

4 drops of wood glue

Everything can be purchased at the Home Depot or other hardware stores. I cut a old piece of walnut to make my 1/2" square boards.

Step 2: Making the Stand

1. Cut 4 dowels to a length of 10 1/2".

2. Cut 2 dowels to a length of 2 1/2".

3. Drill a 5/16" hole at each end of the square board at a 20 degree angle 1/2" in. Be careful not to drill through the side of the board because of the angle.

4. Drill 5/16" holes on the side of boards to a 1/4" depth 3" in.

5. Place 1 drop of glue in the 4 side holes and insert the 2 1/2 dowels.

6. The 4 legs are not glued so you can take it apart and carry it in your computer bag or to store it in a desk.

<p>I loved your idea. So I made one for myself and it does make scanning documents a lot easier. I even made a small one for scanning business cards. But I mainly use it to scan my hockey card collection :) </p>
<p>Very Nice.</p>
<p>You could use the same idea for digital camera to post clear images on ebay</p>
<p>So great!</p>
<p>Thank you...</p>
Awsome idea
<p>Thank you...</p>
<p>this is a great project idea! do you have more photos of the build process to share? </p>
<p>Yes I will post some.</p>
it's a great idea, I love it, but is it really necessary? did it really speed up your scanning process?
<p>Taking something perfectly overhead is reward in itself, and I can see a lot of uses for this outside scanning receipts. :)</p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
<p>No it isn't necessary.... you can hold your phone in your hand and get a image. I wasn't concerned about increasing my speed when I built it nor have I tested it for that thought. I built it to make a easier process that would keep my phone at the optimal distance consistently so I could move documents in front of the camera at a efficient pace.</p>

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