Introduction: Phone Screen on TV?! MINI PC!!!

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Hi Guys In This Instructable I am Going To Show You How To Use Your phone as a mini pc with mouse and keyboard ON A TV!!!
Using The Phone As a mini PC To play games And Doing Everything on a big Screen
2)Using Phone as Ip Csmera
3) Playing games such as COC,Vice City etc. On TV!

Step 1: Things Needed-

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1)OTG cable
5)Android Phone

Step 2: Setting It UP

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1)setup the chromecast
2)connect it to HDMI of your TV
3)Open Chromecast App On Your Phone
4)Click On Cast Video Audio And Start Casting.
5) Connect your mouse and keyboard
6) We Are Done

Step 3: We Are Done!

Picture of We Are Done!

If You can Use your Mouse And keyboard & see your Phone Screen On TV then You Are Good To Go.
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jompon2547 (author)2017-09-14

where to buy chromecast

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