Phone and Tablet Stand


Introduction: Phone and Tablet Stand

in this instructable I will show you how to build a 3d printed phone or tablet stand.

The stand in the pics above is what I usually take photos and videos for my previous instructables.

You will need:

-3d printer and filament

-An Auto cad program (I used 123d design)

Step 1: Designing

4.5 cm tall with a 12* slant

5cm wide

7cm long

Step 2: Printing

I asked my uncle to help me out with this part Cuz I don't own a 3d printer

Then I gave him the auto cad file which he transferred to another format

And then he printed it for me



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    2 Discussions

    Your source stand looks familiar

    Nice work! That looks like a great stand.

    You can flip those images right in the instructables editor if you want to. Just open this to edit, click the photo, and hit "Edit in Pixlr." There's an option there to rotate photos, and it works really nicely. Just a tip! :)