Materials List:
2 pair of chopsticks
1 12-oz aluminum can
5 rubber bands
Optional tool: phillips head screwdriver

Step 1: Use a Rubber Band to Attach the 4 Chopsticks Together at the Fat End

then pull one of the chopsticks up higher than the other 3

Step 2: Stick the Aluminum Can in Between the 3 Lower Chopsticks

Put a rubber band around each pair of chopsticks -- 3 rubber bands used (1 rubber band left)
Stick the top chopstick into the tab hole of the can
Optional Step: Puch a hole with something sharp like a phillips head screwdriver near the center of the top of the aluminum can; Stick the top chopstick in there for more stability.

Step 3: Use the Last Rubber Band to Attach Your Phone to the Top Chopstick

<p>cool this is very simple and easy to make!</p>

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