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Today I present an idea for reusing old phone covers. Turn it into a cover for a notebook.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need only 3 materials:

  • Old (or new) phone cover,
  • A little notebook
  • Double side tape

Tools (not in picture)


Metal ruler

X-acto blade

Step 2: Dissasembly

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Some phone covers has a piece of plastic to hold the phone.

Remove it carefully pulling and sutting with X-acto blade.

Don't worry about damaging it, it will be covered

Step 3: Measure and Cut If Necessary

Picture of Measure and Cut If Necessary

This notebook is wider than phone cover.

So It necesarry to measure, mark and cut

Step 4: Appling Tape.

Picture of Appling Tape.

This is the final one,

Apply double sided tape as you desire, being carefull not to block the holes (it will be ugly from the back) peel it and glue notebook.

And done.

Thanks for watching :D


Nice, every time people get a new phone the old case probably won't fit, so this is a nice way to re-use them!

kreator (author)2014-05-04

my question is why not get a dollar store notebook and keep your phone case

raiderdk (author)kreator2014-05-10

I found it and no one of my phones fit on that case ;)

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