Flash drives contain all of our important information from slideshows and pictures to music and videos. Unfortunately, they are easy to lose because of their small size. With Phone Drive you will always carry your flash drive - cleverly concealed and protected in your phone's case!
Did I mention it's retractable? 

Step 1: What you need


-Phone case
-Thin metal strips*
-Micro flash drive
-Jeweler's files
-Sandpaper (optional)
-Drill (or drill press)
-Super glue
-Something to use as a switch (I used a plastic zipper pull)

*I got my thin metal strips from old windshield wipers, but you can use just about anything.
what phone is that?
instead of sliding the leaver i would of added a pivot point about half way so it acts more like a switch.
You know how this phone is supposed to be indestructible... Guess what i did ya i broke it
Haha yeah mine is also broken... internally. All I get is a blank screen. Verizon won't do anything for me. =(
The silver looking natery clip on the back of mine broke i thought it was metal but it is plastic
Ha give it a crack with this phone some time. Really well made project and excellent concept for making it a slider. I may have to borrow the thought and try managing to get the drive inside the actual phone...
That would be so sick if you could do that! And thanks for the positive feedback. Is the instructable easy enough to understand?
Yeah it makes good sense. When I get my new phone I'll gut the old one and try, though it's the one in the picture and very beat up. I have another one that broke but inside it's even more crammed.

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