The biggest problem of working alone is the filming for documentation. Every time I move I need to move my camera. So I made a simple Phone’O’Dummy inspired by Iron man’s Dummy/Dum-e.

Phone’O’Dummy is autonomous device used to capture the video. Camera mounted on Phone'O'Dummy Follows the user by detecting their face .It moves in both x-axis and y-axis.

Step 1: Working Principle

Phone’O’Dummy has two motors to move in x & y axis. It is controlled by the arduino microcontroller & motor shield. Phone camera is used to capture the video and it is processed in OpenCV by using Visual Studio 2010(VC++). Using OpenCV we detect the face and when the user moves we send the signal to the arduino board using serial connection(USB). Then arduino board moves the motors accordingly.

how to connect mobile
what to do with .cpp file?
<p>Thanks for a cool instructable! I am having a bit of a problem figuring out how you mounted the 2nd arm/motor; could it be possible for you to show it in more detail, either in a vid or through pictures? Thank you very much!</p>
<p>I cut the three small piece of plywood. One is 4.5x7.0 cm and other two are 5.0x8.0 cm. In two pieces i drill a hole to fit the two motors. And in one piece i drill two holes to connect the shaft of both motors using screws.Here's the pic.</p>
<p>great job tejas.</p>
<p>Thanx Abhi</p>
<p>which of the program should i upload to the audrino</p>
<p> upload serialcom.ino into the arduino</p>
This project looks awesome! Do you have any video of it in operation?
<p>I made this yesterday.. I will upload the operational video soon.. Thank you</p>

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