Picture of Phonebook Friction

You need 2 phonebooks. I didn't have any so I used dictionary's.

Step 1: Intertwining

Picture of Intertwining

First you need to intertwine the pages by have a couple pages from one book and then another book. Like the photo above.

andr7 (author) 1 year ago

I didn't have any phone books. Either is fine

dcsabi1 year ago

you need two phone books,but you used dictionaries,i don't understand

Orngrimm1 year ago

We once made a pair of 2 small books where we took one page at a time... took us around 0.5h to do :)
I think we could pull a car with it... (Havent tryed)
The result was really impressive!

Great way to show students the force of friction! Thanks for the 'ible! :)