Picture of 3D Claymation Zootrope
Take an old 78 rpm phonograph turntable and a strobe light from radioshack to display 2d and 3d animated claymation dancing zootrope sculptures.
Any constant-speed motor will work fine for spinning the platters.
The sculptures seen in this first image were made by 3dscanning and 3dprinting my head.

Step 1: Phonograph Turntable and Strobe

Picture of Phonograph Turntable and Strobe
The strobe shown here is a Radioshack catalog # 42-3048
It has a knob that adjusts the rate at which the strobe flashes.

The turntable you want is one that spins at 78rpm.
That's the old victrola speed which is 1.3 revolutions per second.
If you draw 8 evenly spaced cels of animation and adjust your strobe til it flashes about 10 times/second you'll see 8 copies of your animation all going at once, each at a different phase of the sequence.
Beduk5 years ago
Can i make The strobe light clustering some LEDS? Please help me.
knight96 years ago
Hi where i can buy a strobo unit like the photo?
TimAnderson (author)  knight95 years ago
mine came from radio shack. the model number is 42-3048
wholegrain8 years ago
I like your 3D version. Here's a video of something similar and simple - for those of us who cherish turntables. I call it "Fanimation" or "Too Many Recreationals"


idaedheloth9 years ago
one problem with video taping it: most digicam video features will run at around 15-30 fps. now, the video could turn out fine, but its pretty possible that with the strobe flashing, it will get out of sync with the video framerate so that when the camera takes a frame, the light might be off or on...you never know. so, although we may get the idea from a video, it won't be like the real thing.
No, not quite the real thing at all. Here's a video of Sisyphish by Peter Hudson from Burning Man 2002


These were life-size statues come to life at night. Pretty damn amazing stuff.
I have to agree. And you could remove the black frames in a video editor to have super smooth animation. Or I guess I could. Anyways . . .
royalestel8 years ago
This is pretty awesome. I didn't know you were a zcorp founder. That's super nifty. I saw one a few years back at SIGGRAPH and tried (unsuccessfully) to get my school Industrial Design department to purchase one. Anyhoo, circular 3d zootropes. Nice.
D3VUS9 years ago
TimAnderson (author)  D3VUS9 years ago
Are you in the Boston area? Want to help videotape it?
Does your digital camera have video capability? You could always try that. This is a very cool Instructable, but it would definitely benifit a lot from video :)