Picture of Photo Balloon Weights
This idea sprang from something I saw on Pintrest, and I just embellished it.

My dad's 60th Birthday was this year and I needed simple ideas for decorating a large, open, outdoor space for 100+ people.

I wanted to share older photos of my dad along with newer photos.

So I decided to put his pics on blocks of wood with little eyes for the balloons to be tied to.
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Step 1: Print, Cut and Sand

Picture of Print, Cut and Sand
First: Print out the photos. You should really have time to let the ink dry on the paper. *side note... reds and blues bleed. B&W photos work best!
 I used regular paper... but in hind sight, I should have used a medium weight card stock.

Second: Pick out the wood you are going to use. Best decision I made was going to the scrap bin at Home Depot. AND they cut it for me for free!

Third: Sand it down real good. You don't want splinters :)

Step 2: Paint

Picture of Paint
I'm always in favor of cheap... so I used leftover indoor house paint.
Depending on the type and color of paint, you may need a second coat.

Step 3: Mod Podge

Picture of Mod Podge
Wood Block 11.JPG
Wood Block 12.JPG
Wood Block 1.JPG
Wood Block 2.JPG
1. Generously layer mod podge on the wood.
2. Line up the photo (I recomend starting from a corner)
3. Press the photo into the previously layed mod bodge by painting mod podge on the front of the photo.
4. Roatate by putting modpodge under and then on top of the photo till its down.
5. While it's still wet/damp rub with your fingers to get out air bubbles and wrinkles <- The reason I should have used card stock!

Step 4:

Picture of
Wood Block 4.JPG
Wood Block 5.JPG
After its all dry I screwed in the eyes.
It's helpful to drill a tiny hole to get it started.
rmouads2 years ago
Very nice idea
What a great way to hold balloons - I love the flags too! They do look rather time consuming. :P