This idea sprang from something I saw on Pintrest, and I just embellished it.

My dad's 60th Birthday was this year and I needed simple ideas for decorating a large, open, outdoor space for 100+ people.

I wanted to share older photos of my dad along with newer photos.

So I decided to put his pics on blocks of wood with little eyes for the balloons to be tied to.

Step 1: Print, Cut and Sand

First: Print out the photos. You should really have time to let the ink dry on the paper. *side note... reds and blues bleed. B&W photos work best!
 I used regular paper... but in hind sight, I should have used a medium weight card stock.

Second: Pick out the wood you are going to use. Best decision I made was going to the scrap bin at Home Depot. AND they cut it for me for free!

Third: Sand it down real good. You don't want splinters :)
Very nice idea
What a great way to hold balloons - I love the flags too! They do look rather time consuming. :P

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